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With our old realities crumbling under our feet, there is no better time to reconnect with your purpose and redesign your life's work. If you find yourself at a crossroads, outgrowing your current job and feeling the pull towards a path more in tune with your heart and values, consider this your signpost at the fork in the road. In this five-month course, you will:


  • Identify your current motivations and conditioning that keep you in scarcity loops

  • Connect with your deeper calling and connection to your purpose and passion

  • Articulate your values and real world goals

  • Disrupt old habits and beliefs about power (and where it comes from)

  • Learn practices of easeful manifestation

  • Develop connections and community to sustain and celebrate you

Timeline & Enrollment

Over the course of five months, you will be offered bi-monthly exercises exploring somatic (bodily) experience, meditation and mindfulness, and muscle-building in play and creativity, all in service of envisioning and stepping into your life's work. Explorers are expected to be responsive to their real-life bandwidth and only take on only as many exercises as actually work with their schedule, experimenting at their own pace. Pleasure is your compass - explore only the exercises that light you up and turn you on. These explorations are accompanied by one-on-one coaching once per month.

Course fee is offered on a sliding scale of $1200 - $2400. Payment can be made via Venmo (julieannotis) or Zelle ( 



  • Questioning the status quo and rat race

  • Desire to experience ease and "enoughness"

  • Valuing the well-being and happiness of oneself and others (and preferably also the planet)

  • Willingness to dwell in not knowing and to receive support from unexpected sources

Reports from the Field

"The construction [of Julie Ann's curricula] is so creative and is clearly based on a lifetime of work. The exercises have grown my ability to tap deeper into the somatic layer and soul of things, into the stillness, and into the feelings behind my thoughts. It's incredible that I've left behind the myths of capitalism and manifest destiny and gained faith and hope during this process of revelation. I'm taking [these courses] because I care what goes into my consciousness." - Bill N.


"Julie Ann's exercises are helping me re-invent myself. I'm carrying the mission for ease and play into my heart. I'm making the new world real by feeling it and creating it in my body. I'm reinventing myself in a world that is abundant, secure, stable, and successful." - Brad L.


"The community calls are really comforting, knowing what other people are going through. I was depressed and confused, and the exercises helped me realize I was looking for external validation. It was so helpful to go into the body, see that the journey is a constant evolution, and most importantly, find ways to articulate what's going on inside." - Lee Ann S.

"These adventures are fantastic! I love them! In the past, I hadn't allowed myself the time to do something so rewarding, so I really appreciate all of [Julie Ann's] incredible, creative exercises and the opportunity to share what I'm discovering. Julie Ann has helped me understand how I am dealing with, coping, and responding to the world. By going deeper into the feelings in the body, I've been able to move forward in better ways towards the future I want." - Kathleen W.


"I've been tremendously grateful for the experiments offered. I have definitely been surprised by the ways this has been unfolding for me! I've also found that I'm wanting at this point to let the process be gentle and delicate, which for me means not trying to force coherence too early. I'm very appreciative of what Julie Ann has set into motion!" - Adrienne L.

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