Using creative, meditative, and somatic practices,  Active Receptivity consulting allows you to:


  • Create a strategic plan that incorporates emotional intelligence, analytics, and somatic intelligence 

  • Cultivate conscious, compassionate, authentic, and mindful leadership

  • Be at ease amidst chaos and change, increasing resiliency and preventing burnout

  • Build your muscles of innovation to create new solutions and possibilities

  • Transition from a paradigm of scarcity or limited resources into a paradigm of sufficiency and abundance

  • Make a powerful impact with less effort by increasing attraction instead of promotion

    I work with clients in a sequential process, building the muscles of somatic and emotional intelligence.
    Together, we will c
    larify your intentions and goals, refine a path consistent with your core values, and let go of anything that is not aligned with the future you have envisioned. This consulting process creates life-changing results and relationships that ensure future success as you create your own toolkit of creative, meditative, and somatic practices. 

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