Celebreak for Healers & Coaches

Next Date TBD, 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET

Lucia Modesto and I would like to invite those of you who identify as healers, mystics, paradigm-shifters, or somatic/energy workers to join us for a collective celebration of the little and big ways we each individually are seeing a new world forming. This is a chance to actively witness your unique contribution to the big shift happening in the collective of which we are all a part.

Join the online room here.
Meeting ID: 883 2515 0368
Passcode: ease
Please join us promptly at 2pm. If time is tight, feel free to bow out when you need to​. Thanks!



Here's a deeper dive into what Lucia and I each see as available...


Lucia: I'd love to find and build a community to celebrate the goodness in the shifts we see firsthand through our work. I know there are great shifts happening because I witness it in my clients and I imagine y'all do too. I'd love a space for healers/ practitioners to celebrate the work we do which is not easy. Our work also requires refueling and balance and consistent inner work. I'd love to be in a space where we can celebrate and build each other up as we experience a new paradigm shift. 


Julie Ann: What I'd love to find in community is a normalization of the practices of meditation, rest, and art as the essential building blocks of my business. I'd like to place myself and my work in a larger community of people who are imagining into being a new reality, literally feeling in MY body the WE of us creating at an energetic level. And I'd like to continue my regular practice of acknowledging and celebrating victories.


We both see this gathering within a shared context of waking up from the collective dream of consumerism, domination, and addiction to striving by dreaming a new dream together (or waking up the old ways) of interdependence, joy, and ease. We might meet up once, we might meet up many times, but we're stoked to hear how each person is dreaming the new world into being through their practices with themselves and clients. We're imagining just each person taking a turn in sharing, not so much a big convo, but we're open to seeing how it evolves and what it wants to be.