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Monday, 6/13, 11-12:30 ET
Celebrating spiritual conviction, curiosity, resilience

Friday, 6/24, 4:30-6pm ET
Celebrating intuition, passion, and grace

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First 1/2 hour: easing up and heart-gladdening meditation, sparsely guided

Next 1/2 hour: an open space to celebrate the ways you and your clients are surfing the current paradigm shift.

Final 1/2 hour: a round of "fairy godmother" wishes as well as info exchange for folks who want to connect after our gathering is concluded.

No need to RSVP.

Just show up, either at the beginning of the event OR 30 minutes in after the meditation. You're welcome to leave early as well. All are welcome. Feel free to invite others. This celebreak is a chance for us to celebrate you and those you serve.

"Ditch the plan. Grab a saddle."

I had a dream last week that a plan I held in my hands turned into a playing card - a picture of a woman next to a wild horse, captioned with the words, "I'm gonna need a new saddle." In the midst of great change, I'd much rather have a trustworthy, comfortable seat than a set of plans that has to change every time shit goes sideways. And I love learning about people who are mastering their own ways of riding. So in that spirit, I invite you ditch the plan, grab your saddle, and join me for a celebreak.


This is a chance to celebrate your clarity and heart confidence in the midst of chaos and great change. The gathering on Monday, 6/13, will focus a bit more on celebrating your unwavering spiritual conviction. The gathering on Friday, 6/24, will have more of an artist's eye on eros and the Divine Feminine.

Click here to join the Celebreak Room

A deeper dive into the community I am seeking...

a community that normalizes the practices of meditation, rest, and art as the essential building blocks of peaceful progress

a community that is full of humor and levity 


a community that is imagining into being a new reality through dreamwork, creative work, attracting, and allowing

a community that is waking up from the collective dream of domination, separation, and addiction to striving 

a community that is feeling into the "WE of ME" at an energetic level, balancing the relative selfs with the universal of no self, exploring our 4th through 7th dimensions without negating our 3rd dimension and our collective, present moment reality

a community that loves celebrating and is stoked to hear how others are uniquely dreaming the new world into being.

For people who read all the way to the end...

These two gatherings are not confidential and will not be recorded. If you have accessibility needs or any questions, please give me a shout at least a couple days before the event.

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