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Factors to Consider Before Getting Somatic Therapy

Like any other form of treatment, you should consider some factors before getting somatic therapy. And often, these considerations rely primarily on the somatic therapist who will take care of you. Here are some of the factors to consider in detail. Learn information about Medford, MA.

Training and Experience

Many somatic therapy techniques are non-traditional; this doesn't mean they are unprofessional or unproven. Simply be sure to seek out a licensed, reputable mental health professional. Generally, specific somatic training and ongoing education are ideal. Discover facts about Benefits of Somatic Therapy.

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Pay very close attention to the "fit" and comfort level experience with a potential somatic therapist. Listen closely, observe your response, consider how you feel in the environment. Use the consultation as a time to glean your rapport and the therapist's outlook. This relationship aspect will be significant considering the physical characteristics of the therapy as time goes on.

Preferred Methods

Somatic therapists, again, use a host of body-oriented therapies, from deep breathing to mindfulness. Or they may practice more advanced somatic therapy techniques training you may not be familiar with at all. Be very clear on the modality, the process, and willingness to switch gears if you feel uncomfortable with the therapy.

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