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radical sufficiency

part I
waking up from the trance of scarcity

This course will investigate:

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Who It’s For

Any human being interested in learning and building their own capacity to live and lead in alignment with Sustainable Abundance.

What to Expect

Expect to be immersed in a meaningful, creative, totally unique curricular approach that includes practicing mindfulness and meditation, completing readings, engaging in movement and voice practices, creating imagery and writing about your experiences. You can undertake this online course in a small cohort of your own creation (with colleagues, friends or family) or on your own. It takes about 10 hours to complete.


By the end of Step 1: Embracing Sustainable Abundance, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand that you live in a context that has an impact on your thinking, your behavior and your core being

  • Identify the beliefs that are keeping you in a context of scarcity and separation, and recognize when you’re experiencing these self-limiting states

  • Declare what you are or want to be creating in your life, and develop practices that will serve your creation

  • Identify thoughts, feelings and experiences of “enough,” “not enough” and “too much,” and work toward achieving what is enough, sufficient and sustainable in your life

  • Explore the personal domains of money, time and relationships as they relate to scarcity and your personal path to creating a sustainably abundant life

  • Get to know the Seven Stones community and all of the resources available to you on your leadership journey

Product Description

Creating A Life Of Enough

  • Are you ready to create a life that is truly sustainable and truly abundant and prosperous?

  • Are you ready to debunk the myths of our society: the ones that keep us distracted, disoriented and even a little crazy, running around doing more and more, searching for satisfaction?

  • Are you ready to stop thinking you don’t have enough: time, money, sex, fun, joy, space, square footage, etc.

  • Are you ready to be part of a new revolution to take back our lives from our collective obsession with needing more of everything?

If the answer is “Yes,” then read on.

In a culture questing for more of everything: time, money, growth, sex, square footage, love, space, energy, etc., there is a rising wave of people engaged in a conversation and asking some radical questions about the assumptions we hold about life, the way we have chosen to structure our culture and what is driving us all into a frenzy of urgent activity.

If you wonder:

  • What is enough for me?

  • How can I know I am enough without proving it each and every day through what I do and how I perform and what I own?

  • How could I design my life without running after more of everything I don’t really need?

  • What do I really need and desire anyway?

  • How do I find true happiness?

There are many ways you can pursue answering these questions.

  1. Enjoy the course at your own pace, reading, reflecting, listening to audios in your own time. Feel free to let us know how you are doing at any time via

  1. Take the course with a small group of friends, colleagues, or even have your whole team at work join in the course together. You gather the people and then pay the group rate. Instead of each person purchasing the course, the group buys the course. This method requires at least three or more people to join in the group in order for it to be financially beneficial to use the group rate; however, those who have completed the course this way have found the experience to be especially meaningful and enduring.

  1. Take the course and have the support of a Seven Stones coach.

After you graduate from having done the course work, you can apply to become a certified Enough Already trainer/coach using these distinctions in your field of expertise.


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