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How Somatic Therapy Works

How does somatic therapy work? This is a question that most people ask, and obviously for many reasons. So, if you are one of the few people wondering how somatic therapy works and what makes it unique, here are some of the answers for you. Information can be found here.


Your practitioner spends as many sessions as necessary to provide resources to help you relax and build trust. The therapist's goal is to help you feel secure and confident that therapy is forward-moving. Therefore, you should not feel overwhelmed. Your therapist only wants you to take on as much as you can handle. See here for information about Factors to Consider Before Getting Somatic Therapy.

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An effective somatic therapist works with you and your unique autonomic nervous system (ANS). The idea is to show you how to manage and integrate difficult experiences in ways that create peace and empower you. Together, you can work at tuning into your current bodily responses. Difficult memories and emotional triggers dissolve amid new, appropriate mind-body connections.


Through gradual exposure to the sensations in your body, you'll acknowledge your trauma and incomplete responses. Then, the bodywork helps you balance those activated responses. The current security of your present life and your therapist's safe encouragement and compassion overall provide clarity and hope.

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