Mount Auburn Cemetery in Medford, MA

The Mount Auburn Cemetery is a cemetery in Medford, Massachusetts. It was founded by the social reformer Dr. Jacob Bigelow, and he acted as its first president from 1850 to 1854. It has been open since 1831 and contains over 600 acres of land that are still being used for burial purposes today. The cemetery also features two lakes that were originally part of the water supply system but now serve as natural habitats for various wildlife species such as migratory birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, among others. Learn information about Medford, MA.

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Mount Auburn Cemetery in Medford, MA, is the second-largest cemetery in New England. The most famous grave is one of John F. Kennedy's ancestors who was brother to George Washington and son-in-law to Paul Revere under a large tree near the entrance on Mount Auburn Street. Visitors can find Lilacs Lane with many lilac trees planted by Elizabeth Wharton Drexel for Katherine Morris Drexel. At the same time, she was alive and after her death when they were moved before being replaced by stone benches that are today prized possessions among visitors seeking quiet places within the confines of this vast landscape dotted with monuments. Many people visit the cemetery to walk or ride their bikes on the well-manicured roads. Discover facts about Stone Zoo in Medford, MA.