What is possible in our post-pandemic world? We find ourselves in a unique and uncertain time. In this flux, there are significant challenges, but also opportunities to dismantle some major bulls*!t and create a more just and joyful world. So what's the fundamental building block for any new paradigm? The stories we tell.

In this workshop, you will:


  • - Recognize the stories that shape our world, examine your personal stories, and BREAK UP with the ones that no longer support you (even though we can't evict them from the planet just yet)

  • - Powerfully create new stories through embodied meditation, creative visioning, movement, and real world experiments

  • - Learn ways of being with uncertainty and crisis by tapping into your own inner resources

  • - Powerfully and intentionally create contexts that support you and others in day-to-day life


Timeline + Enrollment

From mid-May to late June, four creative menus of explorations will be delivered right to your inbox, one by one. They will begin with working with old stories, clearing space (with a feather duster or with napalm, your choice), and then move into creating the future from a place of infinite possibility. Experiment a little or a lot over the course of 6 weeks, going at your own pace. Individual e-mail coaching and partner check-ins are available for those who would like additional support. Optional community calls are held late afternoon on May 17th, May 31st, June 14th, and June 28th to share insights and experiments from your own process.


Course fee is on a sliding scale of $400 - $600 for the four-part course. If you cannot afford the full fee, a limited number of financial scholarships are available. If you are able to pay more to fund someone who cannot afford it, please do. Payment can be made via Venmo (julieannotis) or Zelle (julieann@samanaconsulting.com).


Creator Community

Wondering who the other explorers are on this journey? Like you, they are committed to:

  • - Benefiting our human community through their life’s work

  • - Expanding capacity for balance, peace, interdependence, and empowerment for themselves and others

  • - Creating a context of radical sufficiency; an experience of enough-ness; a world of “and,” not “either/or”

  • - Feeding a sustainable fire of positive change over multiple generations

  • - Supporting and being supported by a like-minded community

Optional Pre-Work

Additional Resources

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