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What is possible in our post-pandemic world? We find ourselves in a unique and uncertain time. In this flux, there are significant challenges, but also opportunities to dismantle some major bulls*!t and create a more just and joyful world. What's the fundamental building block for a new paradigm?

Life Coaching Course - Creating a New World

With our old realities crumbling under our feet, there is no better time to reconnect with your purpose and design your life's work. If you find yourself at a crossroads, outgrowing your current job and feeling the pull towards a path more in tune with your heart and values, consider this an opportunity...

Life Coaching Course - Building The Life You Love

Take 1-2 days to unplug all those glowing screens. Rest and reconnect with your body. This online retreat is a supportive structure to take time out from the go-go-go. Optional exploratory sessions will cultivate ease, pleasure, and creativity as pathways to playfully erode oppression.

Life Coaching Course - Pleasure & Ease Retreat
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