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During the transition from our old world to our new one, there are significant challenges, but also opportunities to dismantle some major bulls*!t and create a more just and joyful world. A necessary part of creation is incubation, and this third round of our Creating a New World Community will support gentle gestation and tenderness during this waiting time before the post-pandemic world has popped up through the earth.

To begin, ask yourself: What's next but not now? How can I learn to coast? What helps me rest? How do I see what's coming on the horizon? What is worth waiting for? And what sustains me and my community during these in-between spaces?



Over the course of ten weeks, you'll be sent emails every other week with prompts and exercises to explore. Experiment a little or a lot over the course, going at your own pace. In addition to the four creative menus of explorations, there are also five optional community phone calls to share insights and discoveries from your experiments.


Community calls are 90 minutes and are scheduled for 1/25, 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, and 3/22. We meet in a reflective and spacious without any cross-talk or advice. These calls support you exploring your own bulls*!t, breakthroughs, and peacebuilding. If you can join for only a portion of a community call, I encourage you to attend and let me know in advance your time constraints.

Partnering within the cohort is available if you would like more dialogue along the way. Some participants also schedule individual coaching sessions to support their journey.


Enrollment is now open through February 7th for this round of CANWorld. 


Course fee is on a sliding scale of $400 - $800. Payment can be made via Venmo (julieannotis) or Zelle (  If you cannot afford the full fee, a limited number of financial scholarships are available. If you are able to pay more to fund someone who cannot afford it, please do.



  • Menu 1: Origin stories, roots, creating space, receiving and releasing

  • Menu 2: Connecting with the inner world and inner companion

  • Menu 3: Exploring forgiveness and healing, connecting with community, establishing boundaries

  • Menu 4: Clarifying what's next, preparing for arrival

Want a sneak preview? Grab your markers, a cup of tea, and a comfy chair and...

Preview Two Exercises


Creator Community

Wondering who the other explorers are on this journey? Scroll down to read what past experimenters have to say about the course. Like you, they are committed to:

  • Benefiting our human community through their life’s work

  • Expanding capacity for balance, peace, interdependence, and empowerment for themselves and others

  • Creating a context of radical sufficiency; an experience of enough-ness; a world of “and,” not “either/or”

  • Feeding a sustainable fire of positive change over multiple generations

  • Supporting and being supported by a like-minded community

Levels of Participation

Many participants take the course multiple times, adding layers and lenses. After completing your first round, you are invited to join the subsequent rounds for half the cost of what you paid for the first round, or more if you would like to fund someone with financial need. As you take the course again, you'll be invited to add depth and breadth to your experimentation:

Beginning Experimenters (Recommended for first-time participants)
Exploring somatic, creative, and meditative practices to uproot old paradigms and till the soil for new ones.


Experienced Experimenters
Adding a lens of your choosing to the work, such as "racial justice," "wealth equity," "social media/virtual spaces," "relationship with nature," "fuck the patriarchy," "pleasureful social justice," etc. You'll have access to additional menu items that relate to your lens.

Community Experimenters
Using your ongoing somatic, creative, and meditative practices, you will take your exploration out into your community or family with specific contexts you want to erode/dissolve or with ideas and visions you want to plant and grow. This continues your momentum of subtractive instead of additive action and attraction-based instead of promotion-based energy.


Resources For New World Builders

Reports from the Field

"These adventures are fantastic! I love them! In the past, I hadn't allowed myself the time to do something so rewarding, so I really appreciate all of these incredible, creative exercises and the opportunity to share what I'm discovering. This course has helped me understand of how I am dealing with, coping, and responding to the world. By going deeper into the feelings in the body, I've been able to move forward in better ways towards the future I want." - Kathleen W.


"This course is a path to inspiration, relaxation, and oneness. The construction is so creative and is clearly based on a lifetime of work from Julie Ann. The exercises have grown my ability to tap deeper into the somatic layer and soul of things, into the stillness, and into the feelings behind my thoughts. It's incredible that I've left behind the myths of capitalism and manifest destiny and gained faith and hope during this process of revelation. I'm taking this course a second time because I care what goes into my consciousness." - Bill N.

"In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, Julie Ann's work provides a strong and grounding antidote by providing the safety of a warm fire in the cold abyss.  If you want to excavate your inner truth, clarify your purpose and manifest what you envision, then I highly recommend taking Julie Ann Otis's retreats and Creating a New world workshops. Through body, mind and soul work, you will emerge with a state of mind of what's possible. Dream it and then live it." - Stephanie M.

"These exercises are helping me re-invent myself. As I go into my second round of the course, I'm carrying the mission for ease and play into my heart. I'm making the new world real by feeling it and creating it in my body. I'm reinventing myself in a world that is abundant, secure, stable, and successful." - Brad L.


"The community calls are really comforting, knowing what other people are going through. I was depressed and confused, and the exercises helped me realize I was looking for external validation. It was so helpful to go into the body, see that the journey is a constant evolution, and most importantly, find ways to articulate what's going on inside." - Lee Ann S.

"I especially liked the 'circled wagons' exercise. It helped me clarify the questions of, 'How can I connect and protect myself?' and 'How do I want my "someday" to feel?'" - Lauren T.


"I've been tremendously grateful for the experiments offered. I have definitely been surprised by the ways this has been unfolding for me! I've also found that I'm wanting at this point to let the process be gentle and delicate, which for me means not trying to force coherence too early. I'm very appreciative of what Julie Ann has set into motion and looking forward to the next round!" - Adrienne L.

Life Coaching Course - Creating a New World

Creating a New World

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