creating context Workshop
Enrollment Open Thru April 1

Enrollment opens February 2017

Contexts are the lenses through which we see and experience the world. Some contexts are obvious and conscious, while others may be virtually invisible. These include biases, preferences, expectations, cultural norms, and identity, among others. A fundamental building block for any context is language, spoken and unspoken. In this workshop, participants will examine existing contexts and create new ones through creative visioning, body-based meditation and movement, and real world communication experiments. We will also look at our relationship with e-mail, texting, and social media and the language we use in these formats. All participants will be invited to explore embodied communication -- what it feels like to communicate from a grounded, centered body -- and to increase their ability to receive and communicate non-verbally​.

This workshop is for people who are committed to:

  • Benefiting our human community through their life’s work

  • Expanding capacity for balance, peace, interdependence, and empowerment for themselves and others

  • Creating a context of radical sufficiency; an experience of enough-ness; a world of “and,” not “either/or”

  • Feeding a sustainable fire of positive change over multiple generations

  • Supporting and being supported by a like-minded community

You will complete this workshop equipped to:


  • Identify the contexts that affect you, your relationships, your community, and the world.

  • Recognize the verbal and non-verbal communication that feeds existing contexts.

  • Powerfully and intentionally create contexts that support you and others.

  • Create experiments to ongoingly explore new context creation.

  • Build community aligned in contexts that benefit all.


This workshop will be offered online in four modules from March 15 - April 25. You can explore the curriculum at your own pace on your own, with a partner, or in a cohort. Individual coaching and weekly partner check-ins are available for those who would like additional support. Participants are invited to three optional community calls during the course to share their insights and experiments.


Additional Resources (Optional)

Julie Ann Otis is a civic engagement artist creating inspiring events that bring out the best in everyone.

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