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Julie Ann Otis is a civic engagement artist, poet, and business consultant committed to the experience of ease for all people. She is the creator of Active Receptivity Coaching, a toolkit of intuitive practices used by businesses and individuals to transform their culture from scarcity to one of radical sufficiency and prosperity.


Julie Ann recently performed at the ICA Boston (“Look Before You Leap”) and at Aeronaut Brewery (“Three Track Mind”), where she composed, projected, and performed poetry in real-time alongside an animation artist and an electronic music artist. She creates interactive poetry installations (“Pinup Prophecy,” “Free Verse”) armed with a range of vintage typewriters, trust in the creativity of strangers, and a deep sense of humor. She performed burlesque spoken word poetry in aerial rope and harness in “Talk to Strangers” at Oberon in 2015.  Her 2017 photo poetry exhibit, “Miraculous Invisible,” explored the ecstatic, sexual, humorous, and raw moments of everyday life.

Her civic engagement art, “Election Therapy Booth,” and “the Complaint & Catharsis Department,” have garnered her national and local press. Other accolades include Somerville’s Artistic Fellow of Interdisciplinary Arts in 2016, Opus Affair Artist of the Year in 2014, and exhibitions at Boston City Hall. Her most recent chapbook, Elastic Communion, and spoken word album, Sermons of the Real, are available at


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