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Meditation and Buddhist Psychology:
Root Teachers: Jack Kornfield, Narayan Helen Liebenson, Bhikkhu Anâlayo, Joseph Goldstein

Areas of Study:
Metta Meditation

Vipassana Meditation
Satipaṭṭhāna suttas

Additional Teachers: Steve Armstrong, Tara Brach, Christina Feldman, Gil Fronsdal, Kittisaro + Thanissara, John Peacock, Sharon Salzberg, Tempel Smith

Sustainable Abundance:
Root Teachers: Jen Cohen & Gina LaRoche, Seven Stones Leadership

Areas of Study:
• Complex, systemic contexts of capitalism, consumerism, scarcity, racism, and oppression

• Radical sufficiency through interdependence and inclusion
• Somatic practices of centering, release, and completion
• Engaging experimentation as our primary teaching modality and worldview


Authentic Movement:
Root Teachers: Alton Wasson + Daphne Lowell
Areas of Study:

The Body’s Wisdom
Creativity and Active Imagination
The Shadow

Stages of Ritual and Rites of Passage
Inner and Outer Ecology: Integrating Our Practice into Our Lives

Additional Teachers: Tiffany Sankary + the Authentic Movement community

Jin Shin Jyutsu Authorized Practitioner
Root Teachers: Sara Harper, Wayne Hackett

Additional Teachers: Jed Schwartz

Master of Science in Arts Administration, Boston University 

Concentration in Negotiation, Organizational Conflict Resolution, and Project Management

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Philosophy, Tufts University
Concentration in Metaphysics and Catharsis

Focusing-oriented Practice

Root Teacher: Sharon Bauer

Dell'Arte Abroad, Bali, Indonesia
Root Teachers: Joan Schirle, Wayan Mardika

Shamanic Studies

Comma Williams, Roger Walsh

Mask Work - Commedia dell'arte & Neutral Mask
Root Teachers: Avital Manor-Peleg, Paula Plum


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