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Energy Healing & Somatic Training Intensive


April 1, 10am - 3pm

Sliding Scale ($500 - $1200)


April 2nd

10am - 12pm (2 spots left) and 2pm - 4pm (sold out)

$250 per person, maximum 4 people per session


Plum Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts

What is the best future you can imagine?

What are you willing to receive?

This Day-Long Intensive on April 1st is a chance to release what no longer serves you, to receive grounding and ease, and to balance the gifts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. You'll have the opportunity to go on three somatic journeys in service of you creating the future you want for yourself and the world. There will be time for integration and connection with your body, one-on-one guidance and support that is tailored to you, and witnessing from an incredible group of fellow seekers. 

Three Somatic Journeys

Grounding & Ease

Reconnecting with support from ancestors, spirit, and the Earth. Releasing what we no longer need to carry. Relaxing into space and boundless possibility, normalizing ease.

Divine Feminine

Abiding and expanding in possibility. Practices of allowing and receiving. Compassion and healing. Creation, love, joy, pleasure, and empowerment. HUMOR.

Divine Masculine

Structure that supports growth. Clarity, form, direction, purpose. Boundary setting and connecting to those aligned with similar visions. Practices of envisioning our unique, individual protopias.

Small Group Sessions

The small group session on April 2nd is an opportunity to dive deeper into your personal vision for the future with more personalized balancing, clearing, healing, and co-creation in the imaginal and somatic fields. You'll do deep work in your individual energy balancing and get more specific in imagining into being (allowing into being) the future you are most excited about. Small group sessions are recommended for individuals who have already had at least one energy healing & somatic training session, remotely or in person.

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Thank you! To complete your registration, please send payment via Venmo to @julieannotis. If you do not have Venmo and wish to pay by check, Paypal, or Zelle, please email

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Who is This For?

The Day-Long Intensive is for anyone who:

  • Has completed a free consultation to make sure this is in alignment for them

  • Wishes to expand their capacity for balance, peace, interdependence, and empowerment of themselves and others

  • Is willing to allow the positive changes from this work to ripple out to the planet and for generations to come, connecting personal transformation to planetary transformation

  • Is not currently in the midst of deep grief, loss, or trauma

Small Group Sessions are for anyone who:

  • Has some experience with meditation, energy work, or somatic practices

  • Is desiring to play a meaningful role in creating a new planetary paradigm, boldly envisioning a vibrant future for themselves and the planet in a way that aligns with personal values

  • Is not currently in the midst of any significant grief, loss, or trauma

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