"Julie instinctively knows how to challenge me. She zeros in on the emotional core of the situation and pushes me to work with it in a new way. Her manner is playful and supportive, but never cliche or conventional. I truly cannot predict what she will tell me, and I love that."  
- Tamar, M.I.T. and Stanford Professor


"Julie Ann is an exceptionally affirming and effective coach.  The sessions, for me, were a wonderful collaboration examining goals and objectives, possible strategies to achieve them and setting realistic timelines to get there. I recommend coaching with Julie Ann not only to people starting on a new endeavor, but to those who might be feeling blocked from progressing in their business.  Julie Ann can get you rolling!"

- Craig, Small Business Owner and Photographer

"When I first started personal coaching with Julie, I thought it would take a while to fully explain my work and professional relationships. Instead, she was able to jump right in and help me to improve my effectiveness when communicating with others."

- Allison, Real Estate Agent

"Julie's deep presence and her kind, intuitive sense were exactly what I needed along my path of discovery. Coaching has been most helpful in recognizing and aiding the blossoming of my inner voice and authentic self. I recognized a lot of mental roadblocks which I discovered were actually the gateways to growth and wisdom."
- Joannah, Opera Singer and Teacher

"Julie Ann's style is both warm and direct. I would recommend this type of coaching to anyone who is curious about how their own physiological experiences frame and shape their physical experiences."

- Jen, Industrial Designer and Product Developer


August 21 & 22

I am offering free one-hour Active Receptivity Coaching sessions for legal and medical professionals this August. ARC is a combination of somatic (body-based), mindfulness, and meditation-based coaching. Overall benefits include:

  • Developing self-compassion and ease

  • Disolving the roots of obstacles and stress

  • Prioritizing the things that really matter to you in order to live a more mindful & meaningful life

  • Creating space and balance the different roles you play at home and at work

  • Weathering transitions in your career, relationships, and shifting identity

  • Tapping into body wisdom to heal, harmonize, and find grounding 

  • Opening to deeper connection with others and increased intimacy, vulnerability, and inner strength

For experienced practitioners of meditation and body-based mindfulness, I offer the option of 30 minutes of Jin Shin Jyutsu before conversational coaching. 


Please e-mail julieann@samanaconsulting.com to request a session. All sessions are offered at 269 Washington Street in Union Square, Somerville. A few days before your appointment, you will be emailed a liability waiver and further information about what to expect from your session.

Please note that a credit card number will be required to schedule your session. It will only be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours beforehand. The fee for short cancelation is $125 (half the regular full session cost).