Somatic training and energy healing enable you to create the reality you want. I provide high-level training and a powerful spiritual container that allows your natural gifts and abilities to grow. If you want to shift your life's direction, deepen your relationship with your own body wisdom, or develop greater mastery in energy healing and somatic intelligence, you've come to the right place. Our work together will gently and powerfully support you as you imagine your new reality into being.


​Do you take insurance or offer scholarships?     

I do not take insurance. I currently take one scholarship client per year.

What is the cost and time commitment?

Consultations are free and take 20-30 minutes.

First-time sessions are $300 for individuals and $400 for duos. These sessions are remote and take 60-75 minutes. Please plan on taking an hour afterwards for journaling or rest.

In-person sessions are $400 for individuals and $500 for duos. These take 60-90 minutes, but you should plan on taking an additional hour or two afterwards for integration.

Three months of training (up to 10 sessions) is $3,000 for individuals and $4,000 for duos and can be remote or in-person. Sessions last approximately one hour, but plan on an additional hour for integration and self-care. A commitment to daily energy practices is required for ongoing training. These are fun and easy practices that will help you reconnect with your body, energy, and intuition daily.


What practices do you teach?

Your training will be unique to you and the reality you wish to create, aligned with your skill set, passions, and relationship with your body. The practices I teach include energy healing, somatic journeying, shamanic practices, chakra work, dreamwork, Buddhist psychology, vipassana and metta meditation, creative and artistic forming, authentic movement, rest practices, sleep hygiene, ecstatic breathwork, sacred sexuality, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Do you offer training for coaches, consultants, or healers?

Yes. Mentorship is available for individuals who have completed one year of client training, built a diverse toolkit of somatic practices and energy "magic spells," and articulated a vision of how they wish to bring these into their work. All mentees demonstrate mastery in the energy practices of grounding, balancing, clearing, and boundary creation.


I founded Samana Consulting in 2014 with the mission of empowering people to radically change their reality. I use and teach a broad toolkit of practices including creative visualization, meditation, neurobiological rewiring, and somatic feedback. I have studied with remarkable teachers around the globe including Seven Stones Leadership, the Focusing Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Society, Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, and Dell'Arte International. I received my Masters in Arts Administration from Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Drama from Tufts University. I bring to my work over a decade of experience in not-for-profit management, vipassana and metta meditation practices, and body-mind integration work including Authentic Movement, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.


In addition to energy healing and somatic training for those who want to change their own reality, I offer ongoing mentorship to healers and coaches who are bringing their own special blend of somatic and energy magic to their clients. Mentorship includes additional elements of creative/artistic practice that are essential for world-creation. My seven-year career as a public artist has shown me how necessary creative practice is for global healing and change. I continue to identify as a poet and artist, and my artistic work can be seen here.