Less Stress

How do you find sanity in an insane world?

How do you wake up from the toxic spells of grind culture, scarcity, and conflict?

How do you create a compassionate world, inside and out, that is reflected in your business, your relationships, and your everyday life?

By cultivating ease.


In my practice, I support clients in completely shifting their reality through practices of ease. No joke. Here's the results you can expect. These shifts happen when clients let go of figuring, fixing, and orchestrating and instead slow down and tap in to the answers that are coming from within. I guide clients through this discovery process and then into concrete strategies that support them in creating the future they have envisioned.

Less Stress - Energy Healing and Somatic Coaching

How It Works

Finding radical sufficiency and valuable answers -- that's what our work together is all about. Using somatic (body-based), creative, and meditative practices, you will connect with the channels in your body that provide balance, ease, and unexpected answers. We will then naturally align what you have found into strategies for the issues that are most important to you. You can expect to:

  • Develop internal pathways to regulate energy and emotions in times of stress 

  • Interrupt toxic patterns and stories, clearing and replacing them with new, more authentic narratives

  • Return to natural alignment and ease, decreasing reactivity and increasing clarity

  • Find real-world solutions and practices to create the future you want



With two decades of experience in body-mind integration training and organizational systems, I know that changing habits and achieving goals takes practice and commitment. I use a wide range of modalities custom-tailored for each group and individual, including vipassana (insight) and metta (compassion) meditation, visualization, breathwork, Authentic Movement, creative practices, strategic planning, and non-violent communication. Using a blend of methods enables you to interrupt the old, unworkable patterns from many angles. You'll also improve the quality of your relationships and return to a natural experience of satisfaction and ease in your work and in your life.

Fee Structure

Coaching fees are on a sliding scale based on income, wealth, debt, and circumstance. I also select a limited number of pro bono non-profit projects and trade agreement clients each year. Please contact me below for details.

Less Stress