My clients are completely shifting their reality. No joke. Here's the results you can expect. These shifts happen when clients let go of figuring, fixing, and orchestrating and instead slow down and tap in to the answers that are coming from within. I guide clients through this discovery process and then into concrete, creative strategies that support them in adapting to the new reality they are creating.

How It Works

Energy healing and somatic therapy can be powerful and life-changing for specific issues in relationships, physical or emotional challenges, or in seeking to clarifying purpose. Using somatic (body-based), creative, and meditative practices, you will connect with the channels in your body that provide ease and unexpected answers. We will then naturally align what you have found through somatic and intuitive inquiry into strategies for the issues that are most important to you. You can expect to:

  • Develop internal pathways to regulate energy and emotions in times of stress 

  • Interrupt toxic patterns and stories, clearing and replacing them with new, more authentic narratives

  • Return to natural alignment and ease, decreasing reactivity and increasing clarity

  • Find real-world solutions and practices to create the future you want.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Having trained for two decades in body-mind integration and healing, I know that changing habits, let alone changing your reality(!), takes practice and commitment. You will learn many tools and develop them over time. These include vipassana (insight) and metta (compassion) meditation, visualization, breathwork, shamanic journeying, dreamwork, energy healing, Buddhist psychology, somatic psychology, creative arts, authentic movement, and rest practices.

Using a blend of tools that you enjoy enables you to interrupt the old, unworkable patterns from many angles. You'll also improve the quality of your relationships and return to a natural experience of satisfaction and ease in other aspects of your life that were not at the fore when you began.

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Intuitive Healing & Somatic Therapy

Training & Mentorship

For healers and coaches, I offer training and mentorship to develop the full range of your gifts, including your somatic, intuitive, and shamanic abilities. Our sessions together may include training in shamanic practices, dreamwork, energy healing, Buddhist psychology, meditation, somatic psychology, creative arts, authentic movement, and rest practices. 

The first step in exploring working together is setting up a 30-minute consultation so we can determine if this work is right for you at this time. Please either book a consult or send me an email, including the tools and trainings you are currently using in your practice, what lights you up about your work, and what calls you to broaden your healing, somatic, or intuitive abilities. During our session, we'll discuss what growing frontiers you are interested in exploring and will co-create a highly personalized, robust, and easeful 8-12 month program.

Do you take insurance? 

No. Consultations are free, and remote sessions are $200 and last approximately one hour. In-person sessions are $400 and last 2-3 hours. For mentorship, we will discuss a path of training that is personalized, robust, and easeful. The cost for 6-12 months of training and mentorship ranges from $2,500 - $7,500.

How often will we meet?

Most people meet with me about every other week, but you should trust your own intuition about what works for you. Depending on your current opportunities and challenges, you may want to schedule sessions weekly or once per month.


Do you offer in-person sessions?

I currently have a wait-list for in-person sessions. To be added to the wait-list, please contact me. New clients may book a video or phone session through the link below. In-person sessions are 2-3 hours, and because of the depth of the work, I recommend taking the rest of the day for integration after our session.