Live Nude Girls

Live Nude Girls is pleasure activism in action, an interactive installation that explores our experiences (especially historically marginalized people) reclaiming our agency, power, and pleasure in communion and conversation with the body. After interviewing people about what it's like to live in their unique bodies, the participant and I select a message that I write directly onto their body, usually backwards, using body paint. I then photograph them directly and often using a mirror. The experience of the participant is one of healing, receiving a message that is from them and to them and a declaration to the outer world.

The Installation
In installation sites where photographs of past participants can be projected on the walls, the photographs will challenge viewers with messaging that is diametrically opposed to the messaging we normally receive about our bodies. The photographs with backwards text will invite viewers to peer more deeply to translate the messages forward and to dwell with the bodies in the photos. Taking time to be with others' bodies and images of others helps us connect more fully to our shared humanity.

Longer installations will be space-specific with large projections or prints of photographs of past participants, and spaces for visitors to write what "my body knows...," "my body holds...,""my body remembers...," etc., on the walls of the space while I continue to interview individuals who wish to participate.



I'm currently setting up interviews with people throughout the U.S. and seeking funders and partners to support the work. Partnerships can range from a multi-week installations to one-day interview sessions. I welcome co-producers, sponsors, and participants for the project; companies and individuals interested in body-positive dialogue and somatic leadership as an integral part of social justice work.


The development of Live Nude Girls would not be possible without my incredible Patreon subscribers and the support of my artistic and embodied consulting communities. They support me in creating work in a context of pleasure activism, radical sufficiency, and The Laws of Ease, the basis of my consulting work.