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Medford, MA, is a Fun Place 

Various entertainment places to give you a good experience in Medford, MA


Different entertainment places act as good places to get free and have fun. Medford provides several entertainment places to meet the needs of everyone within and even those that may just be passing by. Learn information about Medford, MA.

Some of the fun places to visit in Medford include:


Wright's Tower

Wright's Tower was established in 1937. The stone tower lures visitors with its stunning views of the skyline. A hike to the top of the Tower is the most fascinating and fun thing to do in Medford. You can hike up the Tower, enjoy the views, and hike along the trails in the area. Discover facts about Medford, MA Is a Historical Town.

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 Chevalier Theatre

The five-story landmark theater hosts concerts, comedy shows, and live performances. The theatre features rock concerts and comedy acts. There are many restaurants around where you can get to appease your taste buds by enjoying a great meal.

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