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Medford, MA Is a Historical Town

Exploring The Past in Medford, MA

History gives a narration of past events in a particular aspect of life. Medford, MA, is a city filled with historical wonders and hidden gems. Medford has numerous historical spots that provide a platform to learn about past occurrences and events if you are a history lover or explorer. Below are the top iconic historic places you can visit.  Learn more here.

Royal House and Slave Quarters

Built by Isaac Royall in 1732, the Georgian mansion is listed by the US National Register of Historic Places. With its antiques and artifacts, visitors get to experience a glimpse into the past of Medford. And kids who love history are provided with a tour guide which is quite educational. Learn more about Medford, MA Is A Foodie's Paradise.

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Tufts University Art Gallery

The gallery aims to animate its visitors' intellectual life through exhibits. It's perfect for anyone looking for cool attractions in Medford. People get to browse through the museum and admire its exhibits. You may participate in their events.

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