oh comparison’s dicey brown dye!

how it murked my drink



separate or all together

one of them or not

miraculous or ordinary

misconstruing extended seconds for
surer shot at satisfaction


delusion slinking ‘round its campaign

sidestepping into fear of
tough rustling that never came


but what grace!
good humor slipped

agendaless love

into the ventilation

The 5 o’clock whistle advertises
drink up
hard work’s done


but instead

I greet the evening a free woman
no moving and measuring the chains
the dusk an arbitrary delineator


no clockpuncher, I,

or self stock evaluator
but a drizzle taster
curiosity gardener

strange playtime architect

my kickback bar
the park bench where I
watch you sip and share air
without knowing
it’s now we love


see how the rain is lifting
last call
all in

© 2014 Julie Ann Otis  

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