Create breakthroughs in what is possible for your organization, employees, and clients. Using Active Receptivity Coaching™, I support organizations shifting from a culture of scarcity, fear, or stagnation into a culture of sufficiency and ease. Active Receptivity Coaching uses meditation, creative visualization, and simple body-based practices to leverage the relationships between brain, body, and behavior.

Active Receptivity tools teach you how to:
  • Tap into authentic and purpose driven leadership in yourself and others
  • Align and refine a strategic plan consistent with your core vision and values
  • Shift from a culture of scarcity into a culture of interdependence, satisfaction, and abundance
  • Create a conscious and compassionate corporate culture
  • Reduce stress, waste, dysfunction, and mistrust
  • Increase productivity, financial profit, loyalty, and creativity

coaching agreements

  • An initial two-hour consultation to discuss the organization's culture, challenges, and desired outcomes
  • Bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions with the leadership team and/or individual executives
  • A feedback framework for ongoing support from the coach and from colleagues within the organization
  • Two “chaptermark” meetings per year to assess financial benchmarks, shifts in organizational culture, leadership growth, and coaching objectives


"Julie Ann is an organizational expert and all round badass mama. She has been immensely helpful in thinking deeply and strategically about how to develop our financial systems, fundraising, communications systems, administrative roles & responsibilities, all while keeping us aligned with our individual heart missions and nurturing a work/life balance. Julie Ann also facilitated our retreat so that we all could all participate fully and effectively in the important conversations we needed to have."

- Melissa Redwin, Executive Director
Survivor Theater Project


"Julie Ann is an exceptionally affirming and effective coach.  The sessions, for me, were a wonderful collaboration examining goals and objectives, possible strategies to achieve them and setting realistic timelines to get there. I recommend coaching with Julie Ann not only to people starting on a new endeavor, but to those who might be feeling blocked from progressing in their business.  Julie Ann can get you rolling!" 


- Craig Bailey, Entrepreneur and Artist, Perspective Photo