Anti-oppression from the inside out.

Turn off your phone. Put your out-of-office message on. Rest and reconnect with your body. This online retreat is a supportive structure to take time out from the go-go-go. Each session explores different ways of cultivating ease, pleasure, and creativity as pathways to playfully erode oppression.


One link will be sent out for the entire retreat so you can follow your appetite and decide as you go which ones you feel like attending. All times are EST.



6:30 - 7:30pm  Opening Conversation: Powering down, setting and sharing intentions for the weekend
9 - 9:45pm  Meditation: Letting Go


9 - 9:45am  Meditation: Levity and Ease

1:30 - 3pm  Conversation: Pleasure Activism, De-conflating productivity and worth
6:30 - 8pm  Creative Forming + Conversation: Self-Care vs. Self-Soothing
(Option to bring some creative materials for 
drawing, writing, collaging, singing, or movement)
9 - 9:45pm  Meditation: Deep Healing and Compassion

9 - 9:45am  Meditation: Pleasure
10 - 12pm   Authentic Movement: Guided exploration of pleasure and ease in the body
2 - 3 pm      Conversation: The Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine
3 - 3:30pm  Closing: Social chatter and closing meditation

Course fee is PYOP (Pay Your Own Price). If you would like guidance on how much to pay, please contact me. Please enroll by sending payment via Venmo (julieannotis) or Zelle (, including your personal intentions for the retreat.

What to expect

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a virtual retreat led by JulieAnn. She offered us all a lovely 'tasting menu' of her best treats. There was conversation, creation, authentic movement, guided meditations, tea time, generous breaks, and heartfelt connections. My fellow participants were so engaged and supportive; echoing the vibrations and tone of safety and welcome open kindness that was so well presented by JulieAnn. I went into this weekend looking to shed the weight of guilt I had burdened myself with. When Monday came I felt light and inspired, glowing with possibility. No more aversion and guilt; just me and the moment at hand. This virtual retreat scratched the itch I was feeling for a return to embodied, in person retreat simply because IT WAS. Julie Ann figured it out! How to break through the barriers of screens, shatter the black mirror, and burst light into all the spaces of my heart. She has conjured some magick with her virtual retreats, and I would highly recommend this experience to seekers of any variety." - Melisa K.

"I registered for Julie Ann's virtual Pleasure and Ease Retreat without having met them before. Along with a group of other participants, I felt welcome and safe to creatively explore and delight in my inner world through movement, drawing, and meditation. One of the most impactful experiences I had was when Julie Ann led us in a guided healing meditation. The healing I experienced was profound. Julie Ann is able to guide the subconscious towards healing in skillful and caring ways." - Simha T.

Pleasure + Ease retreat 

august 2021

dates tbd