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A Call for the Divine Masculine

The time for the divine masculine has arrived. It is the qualities of the loving architect, the appreciator, witness, and receiver of natural beauty, the structural containers that allow life and beauty to flourish. It is the worthy one who knows his worth of receiving all these earth-given gifts to taste, to steward, to bring into form, and to usher or employ. It never grasps nor boxes in, only playing at ownership as a game, knowing it could never own this ephemeral, temporal beauty. It would never try to leash the impermanent, that would be silly. But it is the solid, responsive structure that adores and holds the beauty. It is the admirer of the seasons. Where the divine feminine is the effervescent, babbling brook, the divine masculine is the shore and stones off which she bounces. The divine masculine is not stoic, but an active, loving witness and container.

I did not know this until my heart broke. This missing I am experiencing in want for the masculine embodiment of love and integrity is a universal longing now blooming in the planet collectively. For all of us, this time will have less pain and more anticipatory joy if we can relate to it as a spiritual evolution towards full integration. For me, not only have the bifurcated sexual and spiritual been on a lifelong journey to re-integrate within me, but also the divine feminine and divine masculine long to rejoin. Until recently, I could only conceive of divine masculinity in the context of what it wasn’t - toxic masculinity, or as the antithesis to the divine feminine. My conception was of general yang energies that balanced yin energies: giving and receiving, action and rest, being and doing, etc.. But now I am seeing the nature of the divine masculine in a more concrete yet less bipolar way in its relationship to the divine feminine. And concrete forms of the divine masculine with specific characteristics have been alienated from us and from me for ages. Now, it’s time has come.

This is in part because of what is happening nationally. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m going to talk about our president-elect and national politics in this reflection. It seems grandiose and surreal, but it is a very real part of my own internal shifting and clarifying. Also, the incoming administration as well as the coalitions that elected them embody the specific forms of the divine masculine that we have been longing to concretize. The divine masculine I crave and that the nation craves is a strength infused and fueled by tenderness and care. Being touched and moved to compassionate action, the divine masculine is tangible power, leadership, structures, and support. It arises from its passionate love for the creative, the possible, and the ripe-to-be-harmonized that comes from the divine feminine. Tenderness and care are NOT elements exclusive to the divine feminine but rather emotional hallmarks of a truly empowered union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Where the unformed becomes the formed is the moment of fertilization between these two; a ripeness that paradoxically both slowly blooms and also pops in an instant into the physically manifested. This is the moment we are in now. It is not just a precipice, a changing from the idea to action in a single moment or single era. It is a cauldron of becoming, the unformed becoming form and then passing away into unformed again and again. BUT, in this moment, the divine masculine has the chance to take an even stronger and more sustainable form than ever before, a form even deeper in harmony with the divine feminine, an even truer material expression of what swam as possibility in the divine feminine. These timely conditions that we have right now and the potency of the raw materials of the divine feminine will spark the divine masculine to burst forth so strongly into solid form, into the tangible. Biden and Harris, along with community leaders of our time, will create new aqueducts as revolutionary for us as they were for the Romans. We collectively are creating the dams and the irrigation to contain, direct, and aim the flow of our prosperity and vitality, equitable resources funneled to all.

We will not over-engineer as we have in the past. The wise divine masculine does not over-orchestrate. It does not dominate or control the water; it only provides intelligent direction. It is the spinal column, the ever-responsive container of the skin. It is sturdy but not static. It continues its interplay with the divine feminine with no permanence in its structure. It is reliably in partnership, can be leaned on, channeled through, looked to for direction. It is the navigational manifest drawn up from current weather conditions and with collective knowledge about the currents and the changeability of the ocean.

In my own life, I see concrete structures forming and also see my spiritual and sexual manifestations of divine masculine love. The structures are easier to name: I have bubbled up with the potential (divine feminine) of my gifts – my creativity, healing abilities, and passion – and now clear lines are drawing themselves to delineate a path forward (divine masculine). My new studio office is being built. I have clear direction and vision for how I want my days and weeks to be structured with clients. Maybe most importantly, I see where it is not wisest to spend my energy now. I see projects that are ready to end and those that are not yet ripe in this chapter of manifestation. The clear choice to not apply for grants or to begin new art installations at this time is such an essential retention of my energy. It fortifies the simplicity and clarity of my vision.

Romantically, I both long for the divine masculine and also am feeling its return to me already. It is coming back into my being in a way it has not in lifetimes. Truly, lifetimes. That’s why I feel the way I do about this man I am missing and why the transference is so very strong. It feels like we’ve been looking for each other for eons because I and the larger world have been aching for the re-marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine for so long. This is an oversimplification of the experience in my body-mind, but how do I describe this feeling of the return of the divine masculine within me? It is the strengthening of appreciation, of un-rushed trellis-building, of gentle support. It is a responsive and wise structure that admires and attends. It is the container for nature that is growing stronger and has less unnecessary intervention with every generation.

I have loved all of these qualities in others, and they are all in me. I am falling deeply in love with these qualities, simultaneously offering and receiving them myself internally. They are a seeing of myself and a being seen within myself I have never experienced before. Because it is novel to me and because it is an internal relationship of great potency, it would make sense that I would farm out the understanding of this experience to the specific relating I have to a partner. My memories of our past and my fantasies about our future provide the palate of colors to paint a representation of what the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine within me feels like. But last night, in a dream, I realized that in order not to be drowned in longing, melancholy, and myopic self-import, in order to receive the gifts of this evolution, I must relate to this longing less in the context of my romantic dyad and more in the two contexts of my personal “we-ness” and our country’s next chapter. The parallel between these two contexts is empowering without being narcissistic, and being a dual context, it forms a sort of bi-coastal structure to contain the experience. This in and of itself is a manifestation of the divine masculine. Experiencing the divine masculine coming to fruition and integrating within me is an experience of “we-ness”. I have both the perspective of seeing myself through the eyes of the divine masculine and the experience of receiving this adoring witnessing. I find the experience of “we-ness” also nearly impossible to describe. It is a whole identity containing simultaneous identities as the divine masculine and divine feminine, both of them giving and receiving to one another at the same time. I can only trust the energy of the experience to convey it in language: We are in love.

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