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A Reading from the Book of Compassion

Compassion 8:6-15

[7] And God spoke to her prophet, [insert your name here], speaking with the depth of the ocean and the boundlessness of the wind. And She spoke to and through [your name], saying,

“Cut yourself some slack.”

[8] And the prophet [your name], feeling knotted up and unsure, her mind whipped up into a tangle of judgment and fear, paused in her frenzy. Amidst irritation and the swirl of urgency, [your name] listened more closely to hear. And God repeated, as clear as the cardinal’s morning song, saying,

“Cut. Yourself. Some slack.”

[9] And the prophet [your name], being moved to full breath, to stillness and an opening to receive God’s voice through her body, in belly and in heart, in womb and in throat, allowed her sadness to come forth. Her forearms collapsing onto her thighs, her head bent in receiving, she felt the hand of the Shepherdess on her back.

[10] And God said,

"I am not going anywhere.”

“It does not matter to me how you feel, what you do, what's going through your mind or body; I am here. I know your worthiness no matter what. Unconditionally, I stand for you. Unconditionally, I sit with you. Unconditionally, I walk with you. Unequivocally and beyond any qualification or merit, I am with you.”

[11] And then God said through the body of Her prophet, [your name],

“Unconditionally, I love you. To the ends of the universe and back, I love you. Through your past, thorny and treacherous, I love you. Through your past, delightful and awesome, I love you. Beyond lands you have yet to see, I love you. All that you will become, I love, and I love all that you will become. All that you will become, you will become with love. All that you will be, will be love. All that truly you are is love.”

[12] And the prophet, [your name], being so moved by the true words of her worthiness, spoken through and to her body, felt her heart melt and pour its sweet warmth out her eyes in salty symmetry. [Your name] felt her body pulse with the onslaught of compassion and sweet worthiness.

[13] And God said through the body of [your name], "I will sit here with you in this [bus stop/sauna/bathroom/etc.] as you feel unworthiness and urgency and not enoughness and fear. I will sit here with you as doubt or not-knowing flows through. I will sit here with you as you weather the storms and squalls, the anger and frustration. Yay, though the shit storm of delusion sweeps through your mind and body, I will abide within you and surround you. There is no thought or feeling I will not hold in the heart of compassion. Guilt and shame, regret or lack, beratement or resistance, all these and more, I will welcome through your healing heart. And I will never leave you.”

[14] And God the Shepherdess, the Compassionate Captain, the Loving Mother, said to her prophet [your name],

“There is nothing you can bring to me that I will not meet with love.”

[15] And [your name], being so received, and receiving through her the voice of the Shepherdess, wept fully her healing and was healed anew.

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