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A Real Life Hogwarts

When you look for a training program, are you looking for the piece of paper that will get you to the next chapter? Or are you looking for a program that feels exciting and aligned with who you are becoming? For a lot of coaches, consultants, and healers, it can be easy to spend your career looking for that "additional element" or additional training, but this path can leave you stuck in the world of accreditation and meritocracy. When you're as driven by wanting that approval or piece of paper as you are by your passion for diving into what's possible, it's easy to miss out on teachers and clients that are a match for your soma and energy body. My clients want to more deeply trust their OWN accreditation and are forming their own path, their own blend of secret "herbs and spices". A colleague recently joked that the work we're doing is a "real live Hogwarts," and that's not too far off from the magic I've seen my clients create. Like a school of magic, there are basic principles and tools that must be learned. But unlike Hogwarts, every student who studies somatic training and energy healing with me is inevitably charting their own course and developing their own brand of magic. Inherent in powerful manifesters is the ability to trust themselves and to intuit how they uniquely wish to respond to a situation or guide a client. My work with them is equal parts the tools/training and also the CONTAINER that's needed for their unique magic to grow. When you look for a teacher, trainer, or healer, do you want to simply become a carrier of that lineage? Or do you want to bring your own unique magic into the world? Why be Bruce Lee training martial arts students when you can be Bruce Lee training other Bruce Lee's? I invite you to step into your own brand of magic and to open to the many guides and trainings that allow it to strengthen and grow.

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