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Couples & Partners Energy Healing

What's better than learning how to work with your own guidance, energy, and intuition? Learning with your partner or a friend! I love working with couples and feeling the incredible connection, love, and possibilities that each person develops for themselves and for their relationship. Energy healing provides each person support in their own unique journey and deepens the connection and intimacy in the relationship. By journeying into the body, each person finds what is true and important for them, recognizes old thought patterns that keep them stuck, and are able to step into their own power, freedom, and joy. And who doesn't want their partner or friend to feel that great?! Couples and partners somatic training and energy healing is a great way to connect with yourself and someone special to you. Plus, it's less expensive than individual healing and training, too. By attending to your own energy and being responsible for it, you can radically change your life and directly improve your relationship. You both deserve to create the life of your dreams.

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