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How to Be on a Sinking Ship

Take a comfortable seat and a few deep breaths. Tune in for a moment to the coming and going of the air, the sensations in your body. Hold onto something that feels safe or connected to goodness, something that reminds you of who you really are. Sense for a moment how the truest and most wonderful parts of yourself have built themselves over time in small moments and big ones. See if you can feel in your body a particular space where the history of your best self is alive in this moment. Breathe here. Allow the rest of your body to calm and still around this "most true" place. Imagine music playing here. Imagine those who have loved you surrounding you in this centering place. Even further beyond, images flash by of your future, past, and present, jumbled into a kaleidoscope mirroring back the best of you. Relax and calm the body. Find your center here. Slow down. Notice. Abide. Breathe. Invite yourself home. Going Down There are so many ways to be

on a sinking ship

one man rips through the drywall

hunting for the $10,000 he stashed

long ago

a girl, good and kind, helps by

shuttling equipment through the

kitchen to safety

no where to put it, she hustles

in circles

the captain, shaking her head,

lights a pipe

makes peace with the vessel she loved

a panic of mice

a scurrying of blowhard seamen

hastily patching too-late spackle on

holes where the water floods in

a couple plays shuffleboard up above

laughing loudly to drown out the dread

a woman plays violin

Vivaldi, sweet and slow

she knows that the boat’s epic sinking

will take exactly the length of

her life

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