Protopias are Possible

“I’m not taking sides,” said my teacher when asked if he would survive the surgery he was about to have. This kind of “don’t know mind,” knowing that we cannot know the future, is both a heartfelt honesty and also an openness to possibility. Paradoxically, this recognition of what is not in our control is also the foundation for stepping into the power we do have to create the world we do want.

Practicing equanimity -- being equally at peace with and trusting in all possible paths – opens the metaphysical field in which we can then welcome and allow in the path we do wish. Fighting for the world you want will never work. Allowing it into being is the only way. Once the heart is at peace with the way things are in the present moment, we begin to see how malleable reality really is. We see that the story we tell about “the way things are” and the evidence-collecting we do for that story, can be softly shifted through presence and imagination. We then see that it is actually the imagining and the evidence collection itself, the station our radio is tuned to, that has perpetuated the stories we live inside of. In order to begin changing reality, changing the story, we must be able to both accept that we collectively have imagined this world into being and also be willing to train ourselves to imagine the reality we want into being. As we practice this paradox – accepting things as they are and also training our metaphysical abilities to create the reality we want – we begin to align with what it will look like, taste like, feel like. And as we soften into that imagined world that is of bountiful benefit universally to all, we sharpen our abilities to get into the delicious specifics of this most wonderful world-building. But none of this is possible if striving or urgency are at play. So these are the two pieces we must hold equally in love – that we do not know, that anything is possible, and also that every thought we have, every word we speak, every idea we have, every future we imagine or rehearse, draws the blueprints for the world that will appear. I know at a bone deep level that that protopias are possible. We collectively have all we need in order for the pieces to come together. And one client at a time, I see world-creators realizing that it’s so much more easeful than we thought.