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The Energies of Divine Love

There are not enough colors in the world to distinguish all the shades of love that come through and to our energy bodies from the Beloved/Divine. I wanted to share a few shades that I have experienced recently, all in my energy body while alone and in the Liminal Energy Dwelling (the space between the dream world and the waking world): The Innocent: sweet, undefended, serene, intimate, light & loving touch, cartoon birds chirping, sweet kisses, tenderness, disarming cuteness Divine Mother: compassion, empathy, karuna, loving mother energy, healing, care, holding. Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Christ Consciousness. Divine Flow: Playful, primal, pro-creative love, joining of sexual energies, tantric, kundalini energy, creative, world-building, ecstatic expression of nature The Janitor: love that burns away past lifetime, ancestral, and collective karma. Often unpleasant burning, breaking, and expansion of the heart chakra energies. Kali, transmutation, Divine Death, Divine Fire. The Divine Father: messages of “all is well,” “everything comes easily and in right timing,” “there is a divine plan,” and “rest and receive”. Assurance, soothing, ironing out, balancing, simplifying, decrease of anxious momentum, increase of spacious structure, remembering of the architecture of faith. First came in as “the Neutralizer”. Divine Eros: like an angel of God ravishing your body, touching and pleasuring you everywhere, mind-bendingly pleasureful, orgasmic, chemical and alchemical, full moon energy. Divine Other: presence relation of the holy erotic partner or other half. Experience of one-as-two /two-as-one, Divine Masculine and Feminine in union, wholeness, togetherness, soul completion. Often mistakenly categorized as “Twin Flame” or “5D relationship,” it is actually the duality of you experiencing singularity. The Deathless: Absolutely indescribable feeling of invincibility; that no thing, made or unmade, born or unborn, can ever bring you harm, that death is not death, that there is no end to life, that the physical is illusion. Deep knowing that love is pervasive and impenetrable, infinite and beyond time. Freedom and peace beyond words.

What are your experiences of the Beloved or of Divine Love in your energy body? When is it easiest to receive them? What does it feel like to allow them or welcome them in?

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