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"Turning Up the Dial on Delight" - a guest post from Ashley B. Davis

A guest post from my incredible mentee, Ashley Davis. This is such an incredible reflection of the work that she and other trainees are doing out in the world. I at first engaged with and experienced energy healing in an effort to help myself clearly see and articulate the unique blend and brand that has become my own courageous leadership coaching for social intra - and entre - preneurs. After our first energy healing session I was struck with clarity to define the ways in which, and the specific humans, I serve in my contribution to healing and creating a more beautiful world as an x-corporate ladder climber, turned coach for big hearted rebels in business. Most recently, I launched a month-long international leadership + well-being retreat in Sri Lanka - in the midst of economic crisis and historical revolution - and specifically sought out somatic training and energy healing with Julie Ann to cultivate my own intuitive receptivity, and compassionately and confidently - and JOYfully - carry myself through the biggest (and most proud) lift of my 14 year career to date. Some major shifts I've experienced as a result of our somatic training and energy healing sessions are: - Leaning deeply into my inner knowing and trusting (with gratitude) my intuition to let her guide me to wonder, awe, and ease in my work with leaders - Being on the brink of anxiety and then able to soften, calm, feel confident again(!) in a single breath (and give myself full permission to feel whatever I feel) - Differentiating between the squeeze of “filling the time because I ‘should’ always be working” and planning/preparing that really wants to be joyfully embraced without urgency - and results in more ease and clarity - Letting work and living be easy and fun, free and flowing, because it can be! - Manifesting and inviting into being an experience beyond my wildest imaginations - through somatic training and energy healing I have been creative in the dark of unknown and uncertainty, challenge and surface level set backs, and have been able to trust deeply that I got this… - I now embrace and welcome (without shame or guilt) joy, freedom, ease, awe, passion and purpose as true compass headings, guides, superpowers and my courageous wish for all beings Engaging in somatic training and energy healing, I have turned up the dial on embodying delight, spiritual confidence, inner attunement, and courage and redefined what work, leadership, service, and healing means to me. I am deeply grateful for the important work Julie Ann provides through her somatic training and energy healing.

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