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Uncovering What's Inside

Many clients come to me because they are noticing energy movement in their bodies and synergy in their lives like nothing they've ever experienced before. By journeying into the body in creative dialogue, they uncover old stories that are ready to be released and wonderful powers of intuition and energy self-guidance. Some clients continue energy healing and somatic therapy in order to create a whole new reality for themselves - confident and empowered, clear in what they want and their boundaries and grounding. Some clients continue on in Empathic Training to learn how they can use energy healing and somatic practices to help others. I work with healers, coaches, consultants, and facilitators who have brought the tools they've learned with me to the many communities they serve. Being able to create a rich and boundless pool of possibilities for yourself is wonderful. And learning to support others in ease and possibility without depleting your own energy is a frickin' miracle!

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