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imagining post-pandemic economics

Join us for a 90-minute imgagining about what's possible in new economic ecologies.
This will be a messy, smart, fun, and personal conversation about dana (generosity), gift economy, valuation, abundance, and scarcity.  Date is TBD in September. Sign up with your availabilty here to be part of the conversation. Attendees will be asked to choose their own contribution to support the conversation via Venmo (@julieannotis) or Zelle ( And to get the ball rolling...

Who Gets Paid When Art is Free

The Work of the Soul: Priceless and Worthless

The Brokenness of Dana in the West

Illustrations of Asking Artists to Work for Free

My favorite - "The perfect applicant would have a consistent income elsewhere that will financially enable them to see the project through release."

Dana at Bodhi College

Defining Working Class vs. Middle Class

Sacred Economics (12 min doc)

Capitalism in the 21st Century - please search and stream via 

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