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Qualities of a Good Energy Healer

Healers serve as counselors and facilitators to help patients in healing. They can use music, smudging, humor, stories, and ceremonies to bring healing energy into the process. Some characteristics define an excellent energy healer. Information can be found here.

A Sense of Calling/Vocation

The energy healer loves helping others, motivated by compassion and love. This is the feeling of helping others heal or without payment. It is also a feeling of one’s destiny and longing to serve others. See here for information about The Strong Pillars of an Excellent Natural Energy Healer.

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Although the healing process is natural, it requires the natural healer to master certain skills. The energy healers must inhibit and develop technical and scientific skills to perform comprehensive healing procedures. Regardless of the tradition, the energy healers should have wisdom and compassion attributes. They should also inhibit a self-cultivation skill typically driven by a professional group or lineage. Notably, the work of an excellent energy healer extends beyond an irregular state of performance mastery.

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