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1. A wandering ascetic from ancient India.

2. A contemplative, monk, recluse, or renunciant.

3. A Sanskrit term that means “pacification,” “mitigation” and “alleviation.” It is derived from the root word, sam, meaning “together” or "equal," and an, meaning “to breathe” or “blow.” In yoga, samana refers to one of the five vayus that comprise prana in the body.

4. One who turns away from cultural norms and conventional social obligations to find a way more in tune with nature.

Samana Coaching & Consulting Principles

To foster joy, ease, and equanimity, I undertake the cultivation of...

moments each day for silence and solitude to make space for other voices to be heard, and resistance of a culture of noise and constant stimulation.

discernment for which opportunities allow me to play big, contributing the best of my talents, time, energy, and full-heartedness.

a community of kindred spirits along the path, soul friends and mentors who can offer guidance and wisdom for the journey.

full presence in the work that I am doing, holding a heart of gratitude for the ability to express my gifts in the world in meaningful ways.

faith, trust, and delight in the evolution of my life's work, while neither indulging nor suppressing worry, fear, and doubt if they arise.

rhythms of rest and renewal including a secular Sabbath, and resistance of a culture of busyness that measures worth by hours worked or income.

awareness of my interdependence with all living things and a healthy balance in my use of energy and consumables.

loving-kindness and compassion, mirroring back to others and myself all the best of who we are.

embodying and expressing a paradigm in which artists, teachers, inventors, peacemakers, justice workers, and healers are valued as much for their work as other life-changing professionals.

humor, curiosity, and embrace of humanness, and opt'ing out of the culture of perfection and getting it right.

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