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"Julie Ann is an organizational expert and all round badass mama. She has been immensely helpful in thinking deeply and strategically about how to develop our communications systems, administrative roles responsibilities, financial systems, & fundraising, all while keeping us aligned with our individual heart missions and nurturing a work/life balance. Julie Ann also facilitated our retreat so that we all could all participate fully and effectively in the important conversations we needed to have." - Survivor Theatre Project

"Julie Ann led a project that was part of a program from the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics + The Trustees. We were very impressed with Julie Ann's creativity, superb artistic talent, and thoughtfulness. There were unexpected challenges in the program, which Julie Ann took in stride by helping us solve issues as they arose. I highly recommend Julie Ann and our office looks forward to another opportunity to work with her again." - Boston's Office of New Urban Mechanics.

"Julie Ann's guidance has been vital in helping us grow into a sustainable and thriving organization. Her professional and astute advising of our team has enabled us to stay ahead of the wave and evolve our stewardship, financials, and management structure. Her attention to work/life balance and developing passionate, healthy leaders is icing on the cake. I highly recommend Julie Ann!" - Non-profit Board

"When we
 first started working with Julie Ann, I thought it would take a while to fully explain our work and professional relationships. Instead, she was able to jump right in and help us to improve our effectiveness when communicating with others." - Boston real estate company




"After working with Julie Ann, my heart is available in such a different way. Wow...Que fuerte! I am so grateful for her capacity to hold a safe, inviting, powerful space of creativity. I experienced a sense of generative energy, beautiful and powerful and immensely rare. Julie Ann - gracias for the coaching into an enlivening ground, gracias for your practice and work to develop this talent and exquisite capacity to facilitate this very fine tuned healing." - Cecilia R.

"I had been stuck in a rut. Unable to get out of my own way, dealing with bad luck, poor health, and all the grit of life. I had exhausted my 'healthy outlook toolbox,' trying every trick to pull myself up with little to no results. Julie Ann’s guided meditation sessions helped me gently get outside of my thoughts, let go of my torments, and reclaim space that had been blocked up. Working with Julie Ann, I found a new perspective... and have a new found peace with my surroundings. Mostly, I have melted away much toxicity and painful holding on. I feel a reawakening of my whole body and have discovered 'letting go' on a much more deep, internal level. It’s like I’m gently shaking hands with myself in a new way now. Julie Ann shone a bright light in my direction, and she is a true blessing." - Melisa K.

"Julie Ann helped me focus on what was holding me back and what I could do in a joyful and whole-hearted way to move forward and get the results I needed... She is fun to work with and always left me feeling much better and more confident about my ability to persuade others that the cause I am working for is important and valuable. She is a wonderful person - warm and giving - and a pleasure to work with." - K.W.

"Julie Ann opens up the heart of the person and teaches in such a way that one actually learns.  Julie Ann has the extraordinary skill of listening to hear.  Her feedback was invaluable. It allowed me to relieve stress and to know that I am exploring with someone who truly understands me and understands the direction I’m wanting to travel." - J.T.

"Julie Ann is an exceptionally affirming and effective coach.  The sessions, for me, were a wonderful collaboration examining goals and objectives, possible strategies to achieve them and setting realistic timelines to get there. I recommend coaching with Julie Ann not only to people starting on a new endeavor, but to those who might be feeling blocked from progressing in their business.  Julie Ann can get you rolling!" - A.B.

"Julie Ann instinctively knows how to challenge me. She zeros in on the emotional core of the situation and pushes me to work with it in a new way. Her manner is playful and supportive, but never cliché or conventional. I truly cannot predict what she will tell me, and I love that." - T.S.

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