Woburn, Massachusetts is an Amazing Suburb

Nine miles north of Boston rests the quiet suburb of Woburn, MA. An area that has long been a part of American history, this small town has seen steady growth and continually attracts new residents looking for easy access to the big city. And here are some of the additional reasons why you may consider living in this town. Learn more here.

Safe Neighborhood

Woburn has been recognized as one of the safer neighborhoods around Boston, leaving quite a few options for living arrangements. One of the most beloved communities in the affluent neighborhood of Shakerhill, which can be found on the southwest corner of town. Learn more about Malden, Massachusetts is a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood.

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Availability of Jobs

The unemployment rate in the area is currently less than 3%. Woburn jobs cover a variety of fields, and numerous companies are frequently hiring new workers. The largest employer in the area is the leading distribution center for Marshalls, the popular discount retail chain that employs thousands of team members.

Historic Town

Woburn is an old town that was incorporated back in the mid-17th century. While not many buildings still stand from that timeframe, the area still has several beautiful structures that can be found on the National Register of Historic Places. One such example is called the 1790 House, which you can probably take a wild guess as to when it was built.