I founded Samana Consulting in 2014 with the mission of empowering people to radically change their reality. Through somatic therapy and energy healing, my clients change the landscape of what is possible in every aspect of their lives. For clients working with specific life issues in relationships, physical or emotional challenges, or life purpose clarity, I offer energy healing and somatic therapy that gently yet powerfully provides release and then supports you in rebuilding and rebalancing. For healers and coaches, I offer coaching and mentorship to develop the full range of your gifts, including your somatic, intuitive, and shamanic abilities.

Our sessions together may include energy healing, somatic psychology, shamanic practices, chakra work, dreamwork, Buddhist psychology, meditation, creative arts, authentic movement, and rest practices.

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Do you take insurance?

No. Consultations are free. Remote sessions are $200 and last approximately one hour.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

In-person session packages are available after you have completed three months of remote sessions and have built a basic toolkit of self-directed somatic practices. In-person sessions are approximately 2 hours and $400 each. Because of the depth of the work, I recommend taking the rest of the day for integration after our session.

What can I expect in my first session?

Our first full session is an opportunity to see if this is a fit for us to work together. If so, you’ll select a package of either weekly or bi-weekly sessions for 3-5 months (minimum 10 sessions). Here's how it works. Packages booked by February 2022 are priced at $200/session. Package pricing will be increasing by $50 per session in March 2022. 


Do you offer mentorship or somatic training programs?

Mentorship session packages are available after you have completed one year of remote or in-person sessions, built a diverse toolkit of somatic practices, and articulated a vision of how you wish to bring these into your work.


Since founding Samana Consulting in 2014, I have offered embodied and empathic guidance to powerful leaders in universities, non-profits, and lobbing organizations, as well as healers, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs all committed to a more peaceful planet. I use and teach a broad toolkit of practices including creative visualization, meditation, neurobiology, and somatic feedback. Julie Ann has studied with remarkable teachers around the globe including Seven Stones Leadership, the Focusing Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Society, Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, and Dell'Arte International. I received my Masters in Arts Administration from Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Drama from Tufts University. I bring to my work over a decade of experience in not-for-profit management, vipassana and metta meditation practices, and body-mind integration work including Authentic Movement, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, and Jin Shin Jyutsu. In addition to energy healing and somatic therapy, I offer mentorship to healers and coaches who wish to bring somatic and energy practices into their work with clients.

I am also a poet and artist with a seven-year career in public artwork and two published poetry collections. My installations “American Therapy” and "Live Nude Girls" translated people's somatic experiences into visual and structural public art. I have performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Boston City Hall, Harvard University, and festivals in Mexico and Honduras. My publications and recordings include two poetry collections, elastic communion and Sermons of the Real / Sermones de lo Real, a guided embodiment meditation album, Bodyful Journey, and a live-audience recording of Sermons of the Real.

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